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23 August 2008 @ 03:25 pm
Apologia Pro Vita Sua: A Guide  
I. Locations
II. Organizations
III. Characters Warning: Contains spoilers.
IV. Timeline


A glittering and technically advanced metropolis that exists on a man-made island that shares its name, Judoh was created to become a utopia set apart from the war-torn continents the initial settlers hailed from. As the population grew, so did the violence. For many the environment changed but they did not, and those who struggled most of their lives for power in their homelands were able to secure it with considerably less opposition within Judoh.

The Bottoms
The Bottoms is the colloquial name for the slums that exist on the western edge of the island. It is a living reminder of the bloody formative years of Judoh, while the city found some form of order and began to thrive, the Bottoms became home for the impoverished members of society.


The Triad
The unofficial name of Eeteuk's organization. As the name suggests, the organization is led by three leaders. Each leader is in charge of their own territories and each member of the organization is assigned to work for one of the three. The only member of the Triad who has the final say in any situation is Eeteuk. Subgroups within the Triad:

Vanguard: The group led by Eeteuk. Due to being led by the highest ranked member of the organization, this group has dominion over the largest share of territory within the Bottoms. The members within this group are more visible to outsiders, as their primary objectives involve the administration of the Triad's more legit businesses and navigating the politics between rival gangs within the Bottoms and Judoh.

Scorpions: The group lead by Kangin. The Scorpions are the strong arm of the Triad. The territory belonging to this group is the most volatile part of the Bottoms. They are looked to as the de facto law enforcement of the entire Bottoms.

Wolves: The group lead by Ryeowook. The existence of this group is rarely known to outsiders. Their territory is of strategic importance to the Triad, and while the members within this group often work independently their actions benefit the group as a whole.

Heaven & Earth
A criminal organization that acts as the de facto government of the city. With men bearing the H&E sigil in every position of power there is little opposition within the bounds of the city. Heaven and Earth was founded by Eeteuk's father, a man who ruled the city for over thirty years before his suspicious death. The youth groomed to take his place fell victim to a coup d'etat and was presumed dead. At Eeteuk's resurgence with a gang of his own, the leaders of H&E's focus has shifted to protecting their hold of the city and reclaim the valuable territories within the Bottoms they have lost.

Judoh Police Force
In spite of being poorly staffed, under-equipped, and powerless to stop major crimes, it is one of the best paying legitimate jobs in the city. Granted, one would have to take a lot of bribes. Since being loyal to H&E is profitable while enforcing law is a death sentence, corruption is the rule and not the exception.


Name: Eeteuk
Group Role: Leader
Main Weapon: Switchblade
Special Skills: A jack of all trades, Eeteuk possesses the skills that a successful mob boss would need to have. He is often the key figure in negotiations and is responsible of keeping order of the Triad's daily activities, but he is not above getting his hands dirty if the situation calls for it.
Key Relations: Kangin, Ryeowook, Sungmin
History: Born into organized crime, Eeteuk was groomed by his father to take over Heaven & Earth. Eeteuk was overthrown because his father died when he was too young to lead. He formed his own gang and took possession of the Bottoms. He acts with the intent of someday taking back his birthright and ending the gang wars to restore order to the city. His 'family' originally consisted of Kangin, Sungmin, and Ryeowook. The number grew quickly in a matter of years as a result of solid recruitment and luck.

Name: Heechul
Group Role: Liasion
Main Weapon: Poison
Special Skills: Extortion, arson
Key Relations: Hankyung, Siwon
History: There's a rumor going around in the Bottoms that whatever Heechul wants, Heechul gets. Eeteuk has allowed it to persist as long as Heechul doesn't step too far out of line. After all, Heechul did save his life once, without even knowing why or who he was, back when Eeteuk's head was worth more than the mayor's (it's not anymore, or at least, not as far as anyone will admit). But it's that same thoughtlessness that Eeteuk now tries to wield, using Heechul as both link to the outside world's corrupt police, the mob bosses with their own interests in the Bottoms, and any new recruits.

Name: Yesung
Group Role: Inside man
Main Weapon: Guns (prefers the Seburo C-26A machine pistol)
Special Skill: As a police officer his specialized training was primarily focused on Special Weapons And Tactics. Yesung is also a master of Gun Kata though only sees the martial art as a hobby and not that practical. "Gun kata is only effective against others who know Gun Kata."
Key Relations: Eeteuk, Ryeowook, Shindong, Kyuhyun
History: As a member of law enforcement, Yesung grew tired of the indifference to the organized crime and blatant corruption within the ranks. He became a one-man army, and earned a reputation as the only officer that could not be bought. Predictably, Yesung was marked for death by the head of H&E. Before the order could be carried out, Eeteuk intervened. In return, Yesung made a deal. He continues to work as a member of law enforcement and pretends to be corrupt as the rest of his peers. Yesung eventually gained favor with the gang who originally wanted him dead, but in truth only works with Eeteuk. As a part of the deal he made with Eeteuk, when Eeteuk regains control over H&E Yesung will be placed as head of the city's government.

Name: Eunhyuk
Group Role: Runner
Main Weapon: Seburo MN-23 assault rifle
Special Skill: Eunhyuk can run at speeds not capable for normal humans due to bionic legs.
Key Relations: Donghae, Kibum
History: A Bottoms resident whose family was in debt to Eeteuk's father. Eunhyuk lost his legs when he was an infant. His parents made a deal with H & E; Eunhyuk was given bionic legs and in exchange he was called on for favors. Eeteuk freed Eunhyuk's family from their contract with H&E, but enlisted Eunhyuk to work with him. Eunhyuk initially worked for Eeteuk to free his family from the debt he felt they still owed, but in time he began to work out of loyalty and not obligation. His cheaply constructed bionic limbs were easily hacked and were badly damaged during the Faceless Man incident, with Kibum's financial assistance and Eeteuk's influence they were replaced with far superior versions.

Name: Donghae
Group Role: Negotiator
Main Weapon: Gun (Seburo M-5)
Special Skill: Thievery (lock picking, pick-pocketing, etc.)
Key Relations: Eunhyuk, Kibum
History: Donghae holds even the most rebellious in line with his profoundly likable character. Though Donghae is a very skilled thief, he is mostly relied on to negotiate deals that benefits the Triad. Due to spending time in prison, Donghae has many connections within the criminal underworld which Eeteuk uses to the Triad's advantage.

Name: Kangin
Group Role: Scorpion Leader
Main Weapon: Anything (fists, guns, knives, explosives, etc.)
Special Skill: Combat
Key Relations: Eeteuk, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Shindong
History: Given to Eeteuk as playmate and future bodyguard when they were children, Kangin was raised and trained to only serve and protect Eeteuk. He is fiercely loyal to Eeteuk and is extremely protective of the members of his family.

Name: Hankyung
Group Role: Hitman
Main Weapon: Sword
Special Skill: Martial arts
Key Relations: Heechul, Siwon
History: A former "low-rent killer" turned "high-rent killer" after a misunderstanding with his former employers over the fee for a very important mark. They tried to gun Hankyung down and he hacked off their hands along with his loyalty to them. He "accidentally" met Heechul who made him a business proposition on behalf of Eeteuk. Siwon may or may not have played a part in sealing the deal.

Name: Siwon
Group Role: Enforcer
Main Weapon: Fists
Special Skill: Boxing
Key Relations: Hankyung, Heechul
History: Siwon grew up in Judoh, and in an act of rebellion ran away from home. He ended up making a life for himself within the Bottoms. Fed up with the anarchy and the crimes plaguing the city and the perpetual fear that reigns every way you turn, Siwon is a former gigolo who chose to help return order to the Bottoms by joining up with Eeteuk's gang. He's the most diplomatic out of the enforcers.

Name: SungMin
Group Role: Bodyguard
Main Weapon: Anything, but prefers blades
Special Skill: Martial arts
Key Relations: Eeteuk, Kangin, Ryeowook, Henry
History: Taken off the street and cared for by Eeteuk and Kangin, Sungmin is part of the initial four. Sungmin is personable and kind-hearted toward those he cares about, while ruthless toward anyone who would dare to act against his family. He has the talent and enough respect among his peers that he could have been a leader within the Triad, but Sungmin prefers the lower rank since it allows him to act more freely without needing to hold concern over the consequences.

Name: Shindong
Group Role: Bodyguard
Main Weapon: Fists and guns (Prefers the Seburo C-26A like Yesung)
Special Skill: Gun kata
Key Relations: Yesung, Kangin, Eunhyuk
History: Shindong grew up alongside his adopted brother, Kangin. He is one of the higher ranking members within the Triad, not only due to his relation to Kangin but also because of his talent and reliability to pull through difficult situations. He was assigned to protect and give back up to Yesung...much to Yesung's initial dismay.

Name: Ryeowook
Group Role: Wolves Leader
Main Weapon: Seburo MN-23 assault rifle
Special Skills: Pyrotechnics, strategy
Key Relations: Eeteuk, Kangin, Kyuhyun, Sungmin
History: Ryeowook was a homeless orphan who was saved by Kangin and nursed back to health by Eeteuk. He views Sungmin as adopted brother, and views Kangin and Eeteuk as his parents. He is a shrewd strategist, and Ryeowook is quite artful in constructing explosive devices. He was kidnapped during the Faceless Man incident, and lost both of his arms. As a result Ryeowook was given top of the line bionic replacements.

Name: Kyuhyun
Group Role: Tech
Main Weapon: His augmented brain
Special Skill: Illegally implanted micromachines that have bonded with his brain allow his mind to initiate and maintain a connection with computer networks or others with BCI implants. He is also capable to maintain a direct and constant connection to the internet without need to connect to external devices.
Key Relations: Ryeowook, Eeteuk, Yesung
History: A young man who's brain and nervous system underwent a radically invasive procedure that bonded his brain with cybernetic implants when he was still a child. As a teenager he broke free of the research institute and has lived within the Bottoms ever since. The abilities his implants grants him do not come without drawbacks. Whenever he is connected to the internet he places himself at risk of hacking (though he is more likely to hack others) and malicious viruses that would impair function of the implants (since the initial implants were made to cure near total paralysis, without them he would be incapable to move or speak). Overuse can also bring about psychoactive effects similar to drug use.

Name: Kibum
Group Role: Banker
Main Weapon: An old fashioned derringer
Special Skill: Accounting, hacking, wire fraud
Key Relations: Donghae, Eunhyuk
History: A highly intelligent Judean broker who turned to white collar crime out of boredom. After stealing a large sum of money from H & E, he was saved from a sure death sentence by Eeteuk and the Triad. He gave Eeteuk a portion of the stolen money, and decided to work with the Triad. Finding that he found the change in lifestyle more honorable and leagues more interesting, the decision to give up his job and life in Judoh after the Faceless Man incident was an easy one to make.

Name: Henry
Group Role: Hitman
Main Weapon: Himself/Anything else
Special Skill: Killing
Key Relations: Hankyung, Sungmin, Zhou Mi
History: Not much is known about him, Kangin: "...he just showed up one day and never left". Sungmin appears to know him the best, but refuses to go into detail.
Name: Zhou Mi
Profession: Hitman
Main Weapon: Anything, prefers guns
Special Skill: Killing, enhanced vision due to implants
Key Relations: Henry, Hankyung, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun
History: Ryeowook went looking for an assassin of his very own. He found Zhou Mi and brought him to the Bottoms without quite knowing the can of worms he was about to open. Fitted with a BCI in his brain, he's not only able to communicate to Ryeowook and Kyuhyun without words, but he also happens to be related to Henry and Hankyung. Three boys, one assassin's code that binds them together.

Name: The Master
Profession: Assassin/Hitman
Main Weapon: His sword
Special Skill: Martial arts
Key Relations: Hankyung, Henry, Zhoumi
History: In his youth, he worked closely with another assassin who conceded to follow his lead. Together they trained two orphans and his companion took on a third. Mysterious circumstances led to the death of his companion and the disappearance of the third child. Returned from a long absence during which he did some things the code usually forbids, he has a mind to finish what was started and to renew the circle. For this, he needs Hankyung's help.

APVS-I Chapters

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APVS-II Drabbles Timeline

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