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17 September 2008 @ 03:54 pm
APVS-II: Chapter 2  

Chapter 2

Tightening his hold on Siwon's bicep, Heechul gave a none-too-gentle thrust, wordlessly demanding. Siwon didn't bruise easily and he didn't scar. The affair with the Ripper was one he bore little trace of. More prominent were the scratch marks on his back, the thin burn under his right nipple. Heechul could only take credit for a few of those - in their time together, Hankyung had more than figured out his kinks and fancies. What little marks he'd been granted, Heechul wore proudly, like a badge. It was a little twisted, a little messed up, but shit, it made him feel like he belonged.

He wondered if Siwon felt the same.

"It's rude to think of someone else while you fuck me," his lover complained, arching his back and bearing down painfully onto his waist.

Without playfulness, Heechul shoved back, thrusting half-heartedly into the all but pliant body above him. There was beauty in the way Siwon moved, in the desperate search for pleasure no matter what, but he missed it by a perpetual finger's width of indifference. Nothing to blame on his lover exactly, but enough to make him soften slightly in his hold if not in other parts of his body.

Siwon glared, untangling his stronger body from Heechul's wiry frame. "You really are a bastard, you know?" he grunted, falling onto his back on sheets that were too clean, too soft, for the Bottoms. For the likes of them. "What's on your mind?" Not who.

"Oh, you know," he snorted with mock derision. "Life, the universe. That kind of thing." The kind of things that didn't used to matter, before.

Like wondering if their lover was still alive and just avoiding them or dead and unable to do anything else.

The sheets rustled beside him, but Siwon was only listening with half an ear. Instead, his eyes had fallen down to the sinewy mass of wrinkles and tears that was his body, down to the myriad of marks that weren't his signature. Heechul wondered briefly if that bothered him - before he remembered not to give a damn.

"Hankyung," he noted evenly, his voice deathly calm. Heechul glanced up involuntarily. Siwon wasn't supposed to be complex.

He wasn't supposed to care.

Pushing himself up on his elbow, he slid his right foot over a toned thigh, feeling the tensed muscles under soft skin. Sometimes it was easy to forget Siwon was Judoh stock through and through; that this was just a diversion until he went back to his rightful place. Maybe he wasn't the only one going in that direction. And hey, who'd hold it against him? Their little menage was already disintegrating. Better get out while he still could.

Heechul figured that was what he'd have done long ago, had he anywhere to go.

"Fuck that," he grinned, forcing levity where there was none. "Want me to blow you?"

Siwon sighed, running a hand through what was left of the red-dyed mess of his hair. "I really don't." For a long moment he looked about to say something else, but either the words stuck in his throat or he thought the better of it. Heechul didn't mind, not really.

Not when soft lips pressed against his own, morphing his own thoughts into a wax replica of 'please' and 'yes' and 'more'.

It would've been nice to pretend they were back to the beginning, yet in the last month the floor had fallen through on their pretend time. They actually slept the night through in each other's beds. They actually cared for each other when they were ill.

And they missed Hankyung when he wasn't with them.

Of all things, that alone had become a written rule.


Yesung stormed into Eeteuk's office without any observance of formality. It was the middle of the day and the streets were busy with the daily comings and goings of Bottom residents. Due to his perilous position of being a cop, a member of H&E, and Eeteuk's sole man attached to both groups it was reckless that he would dare to show up uninivited at a time when far too many could observe it.

"Eager to know why you're here." Eeteuk stated as he leaned back in his chair to level his gaze at Yesung.

"I can't use my phones," Yesung explained, as he paced in front of the desk, "I found orders about to be handed down by the chief, someone is on to what's going on. They're not gunning for me directly, Shindong's the target. I can't do anything to stop it, I can't do anything to help him, they're fishing for an excuse, so-"

"So what do you want me to do?" Eeteuk smiled tightly, "This has happened before, and nothing came of it. They'll interrogate him, bruise him a little, and let him go. If it will make you feel better, I'll keep him busy here and leave you to fend for yourself until it dies down to nothing."

It did little to lessen the unease that had settled within him after his run-in with that woman. "It feels different this time. They're planning something bigger, I've been hearing talk about seceding the Bottoms, building a wall, or something more severe."

"And so the first action you do is run to the Triad? That will lower suspicion." Eeteuk rose, stepping around the desk to clasp a hand on Yesung's shoulder. Ushering Yesung to the door, he continued. "Find out more about if there is more to the talk. A wall we can live with, other measures we will have to look in to. I would rather prefer seceding, one less thing to worry about with them on the other side."

"You're right," Yesung sighed deeply, by running to Eeteuk he was doing exactly what his opposition wanted him to do, "I wasn't thinking."

"After what happened it is hard to see minor problems as something minor, right?" Eeteuk's smile was reassuring as it was damning. "Everytime something happens it seems someone wants to go on full alert for the same reason."

As Yesung walked back to his car, he couldn't shake the feeling that this wasn't a minor issue that could be ignored. Kumiko had gone out of her way to get his attention and deliver her message. He wanted to know why, he wanted to know who she was working for and what, if anything, it all meant.
Jill: hankyung - Don't Donandersenmom on September 17th, 2008 05:07 pm (UTC)
Oooh. I love it.

You guys are fantastic. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves this time!
Alichibi_roses on September 17th, 2008 08:22 pm (UTC)
you have no idea how happy/excited/ready to spazz (can't think of any other way to express it) i was when i saw that there was a whole new chapter of this storyline

i'm really looking forward to the rest
FollowUrDestinyfollowurdestiny on September 22nd, 2008 12:04 am (UTC)
oh... what's is going to happen next?...>>