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12 May 2008 @ 05:09 pm
Authors: angelinaii, murasaki_plum, and nemesis_cry
Title: The Premonition
Summary: Yesung receives a warning from an unusual source. Set before Back to Back.
Characters: Yesung, The Crazy Lady

The woman ignored the young man's arrival and kept her gaze fixed to the floor-to-ceiling panoramic window. She knew that he knew that she knew he was there, but he knew better than to address her without being invited into her world. She was waiting. The window she stood at was not yet facing true west, though all of the exterior walls of her slowly rotating apartment were covered with windows exactly like the one she stood at. A different person would merely move to the window facing the direction they wished. That was why she didn't move; rewards came to those who were patient.

"The sunsets," she finally spoke, not yet facing exactly west but close enough to begin. "The land beneath the roses shifts, dragons fight as the sky falls to the earth."

"I got your memo." Yesung stood by the doorway and she understood that the youth was busy. He would leave as soon as she finished, as usual. If her words confused him, he never let on. The police officer was one of the few that understood that her predictions would eventually come true, no matter how whimsical and incoherent they sounded. His voice still carried the perceptive tone of anger, still upset over her neglecting to warn him of the incidents months earlier that would have not come to pass if she had warned him.

It needed to happen, in time he would realize that. There was a reason she lived at the top of the tallest building in Judoh. At one time she had been the founder, the most powerful person in their fledgling false utopia. Her conviction, her ideals, her genius had all faded away to insanity. Wasting the past few decades in a glass box, she had eventually watched her world shape and change before her eyes without her.

Or so they were led to believe. The darkness and corruption that transformed the western fridge to ruins, into the so-called Bottoms, was bred within Judoh. The forces behind it were far too strong for her to dispel on her own. The remaining sliver of hope she had rested on the shoulders of the small man, barely taller than she, but stronger in mind and body than all who came before him. The men she had invested herself into believing before had all proven to be failures, either by death or corruption. This one was different, a worthy successor, the unlikely peasant who would someday preside over her kingdom.

"I got your memo." Yesung repeated while he waited for her to rearrange her thoughts, or to politely remind her he was there if she had forgotten.

"The train from the north. The rider on the black horse has joined his brothers. The pale horse moves west." She said conversationally as she moved away from her window to pour her guest a cup of tea. "Sugar?"

"No thanks. So, how much trouble are these horseriders going to be for us?" Yesung picked up the teacup without complaint, having learned already that if he wanted information he had to play along.

"The end of my world." The fall of the government she helped create. "The rebirth of yours." She reached into a cabinet and put a small wooden box into his hands. "For your shadow, you will need shadows more than ever."

"I'll tell my shadow you said hi. Stay crazy, lady. I'll be here same time next week."

Title: Recruitment
Summary: Ryeowook and Kyuhyun track down a potential ally.
Characters: Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Zhoumi

The sound of bodies hitting the floor was all the sign they needed to move. If the countdown was right, the target should be here. If he was wrong, Ryeowook was about to lose another bet. It was because of their bet that they were in the middle of a dangerous mission without Eeteuk or Kangin's knowledge. And if I’m right?

Smooth white tones washed over him, through him, blending together. You get a new toy.

Kyuhyun climbed up the elevator shaft first, there was no need to worry about the elevator moving down to crush them since he had control over all of the computers that controlled the most of the automated features of the building. He helped pull Ryeowook up to the landing. Since the doors were connected to the disabled elevators, they would have to be pried open the old fashioned way. Without needing to ask, Ryeowook had already grasped the panels of the closed sliding doors and pulled them open, moving gracefully through the opening and held them apart effortlessly with his mechanic arms to grant Kyuhyun passage. It was common courtesy and a game all at once, their minds poised to pick up on the slightest change in the surrounding environment.

So far so good, he thought, distantly recalling Kangin’s insistence that he always draw first, think later – and Eeteuk’s observation that he could stray from the rule if his instincts encouraged it.

Flipping the safety, he stepped further into the room, a little disappointed to find perfection surround him. It wasn’t just the décor; he hadn’t expected clean to mean something so clinical. Flaws were necessary. Useful.

A waste of his time.

He’s better than you hoped, he heard in his head, an appreciative chuckle rushing through his thoughts and stopping just as abruptly. It wasn’t something Ryeowook could’ve heard in real life.

He’ll make a mistake, he retorted, the thought equal parts hope and dread.

As if in answer, two shots rang loudly down the hall, startling the silence with their echo. It was poor cover for an experienced hitman and a bit of a letdown – sadly, as predicted.

Kyuhyun arched an eyebrow, cautiously stepping around fallen bodies. Showy.

He’s blowing our cover on purpose, Ryeowook defended, torn between the desire to prove his lover wrong and the urge to resign himself to yet another disappointment.

The room stretched wide and narrow, corridors turning into chambers, into stairs, until like Hansel and Gretel they found the trail of gunpowder and bullet casings and many more bodies. Definitely showy, definitely a huge mistake, if their target was going for surreptitious.

A game was a game and Ryeowook hated to lose.

Taking the lead, he drew in a deep breath, rounding the corner just as a taller man with strange features turned to point a gun at his head. That was fast.

Kyuhyung’s inner voice flared with concern: Watch… - Ryeowook’s leg kicked the hitman’s fist, snapping it open and sending the gun flying through the room. - out. Instantly caught somewhere between exhilaration and the strange sense of being understood, he finished the movement gracelessly but efficiently, pointing the muzzle of an automatic at a smile not entirely foreign.

The same favour was instantly returned, the hitman producing a second weapon almost instantly after being disarmed. Ryeowook smiled. He’s good.

Kyuhyun spun into action, any threat too real to be ignored. Finger steady on the trigger, he flattened his back to Ryeowook’s, keeping an eye out in case they weren't the only ones who were drawn to the room at the sound of gunfire. The hitman grinned as he kept his gun aimed at the two of them while he retrieved the gun Ryeowook kicked from him.

For a common hitman, their target was moving unnaturally fast.

Not to mention entirely too cheerfully for the occasion.

He could be unstable. Kyuhyun warned.

He’s having fun. Ryeowook countered.

He’s standing right here, the assassin’s voice broke through their thoughts. And he hates to be ignored.

It was easy to miss but Ryeowook’s shoulder tensed, body snapping to attention even if his mind was already caught up. A BCI in his brain. Interesting. He bore no indication that he’d needed the alteration, but appearances could be deceiving.

Birds of a feather, then…

His own wrist angled abruptly to shift his aim over the man’s shoulder, frustration stabbing him quick and sharp at the foreseen interruption.

There was no helping it, though. Walls shaking with the sound of boots trotting over the ground, the room filled up, not so random opponents bringing their own toys to the slaughter.

Miscalculated their numbers, the hitman chuckled, firing without needing to look where his bullets fell. An interesting detail, Ryeowook felt, since firing meant covering their backs when he could’ve let them die.

The less there are, the higher his chances, Kyuhyun reminded, protest lacking any weight to back it up.

Or the less there are, the higher my paycheck. Dark eyes shifted from one to the other, a strange grin on the assassin’s face even as a bullet ripped the edge of his sleeve. So my math was off by a few dozen. It makes the party more lively.

A rueful smile rose to Ryeowook’s lips, torn between suspicion and genuine amusement. Join forces?

Not much choice, the hitman replied and turned with them, shadowing their steps as they spun, back to back and guns aimed outward, adding to the carnage around them.

Kyuhyun smirked. You win.

Title: He's Fun
Summary: Ryeowook introduces the newest hire to Eeteuk and Kangin.
Characters: Ryeowook, Eeteuk, Kangin, Zhoumi, Kyuhyun

"We need another professional." Ryeowook said in lieu of greeting Eeteuk and Kangin. He crossed the room and sat crossed-legged on the floor by Kangin's feet. Eeteuk sighed at the apparently innocent but ultimately calculated move, if he choose to decline Ryeowook's request Kangin would go to bat for him. It worked every time.

"We have Hankyung and Henry." Eeteuk pointed out.

Ryeowook nodded once. "We need one more."


"Sungmin has one." Ryeowook answered earnestly. It didn't matter to him that finding a trustworthy and skilled assassin was near impossible in Judoh or the Bottoms, especially counting the fact that Hankyung and Henry eliminated most of their competition. The excessive cost of outsourcing someone from the Mainlands could be discounted by Ryeowook having Kibum under his employ. He also didn't care that working through the many levels of Judoh's government to sponsor someone from the Mainlands would raise all sorts of flags among their enemies. His brother had an assassin who answered each beckon and call. It was only fair that he had one too.

"Sungmin has one." Eeteuk repeated slowly, waiting for Ryeowook to supply a better reason. When Ryeowook merely nodded and said nothing else, he realized that was all he was going to get. "Why do you need an assassin?"

"You can share," Kangin said, sounding much the father encouraging the youngest to share with his brother. "Henry's pulled a lot of hits for you."

"I don't want to share." Ryeowook said quietly, self-consciously adjusting the sleeves covering his mostly prosthetic arms. "Sungmin needs Henry."

Sighing, Eeteuk stood from his desk and peered beyond the shuttered blinds to glance outside. If Ryeowook wasn't going to give him a direct answer, he'd find it himself. He knew Ryeowook well enough, he wasn't asking permission to find, but to keep. "Bring him here."


He raised a hand. "You know the rules, you're not above them yet."

"You can bring him in, they figured me out."

"I told you so."

Ryeowook sighed and began to sulk, not for being scolded but because he lost another bet to Kyuhyun.

The man was clearly a foreigner, his clothing style more appropriate for those living in the luxury of Judoh than the slums of the Bottoms. The overconfident way he carried himself was eerily reminiscent of the other assassins, yet far more congenial.

Eyes roamed around the room, seemingly more attentive to the decorations on the wall than the occupants between them. The man grinned and rolled up one sleeve, his arm covered in tattoos. A fitting resume.

"You don't fear death." he commented to Eeteuk with a smirk.

"Funny, someone has told me this before."

"It's part of a secret code," he said as he rolled up the sleeve of his other arm to show off the markings. "If you answer wrong or know the secret handshake, I have to kill you dead before you kill me. It's happened to me five times, the last guy was a bus driver. True story."

Kyuhyun grinned and the pair exchanged knowing glances before they turned their attention back to the others in the room. Ryeowook was grinning at him as well.

"You're modified, aren't you?"

"The group who trained me made us gouge out our own eyes to prove our dedication. With pointy sticks. The ones who did got a roof over their heads and new eyes. The ones who didn't, well, we had to practice on something."

The trio laughed and Ryeowook shook his head. "That's rude, that's why."

"First," Kangin cleared his throat, frowning. "Sending text messages to your brains is also rude."

"I like to think of it as silent whispering." the man grinned before tilting his head over to look at Ryeowook.

"I mean it." Ryeowook mouthed, causing Kangin to turn on him.

"What did I just say-"

"You can do that too?" Eeteuk interrupted him, turning back to the man. Ever since it became knowledge that Kyuhyun and Ryeowook could communicate between each other through their modifications, it had been widely assumed that it was a rare occurrence. "A name would also be helpful."

"They call me Zhoumi. I can do what too? Oh, that. Yeah, I got lucky. I got struck by lightning when I was ten. Did you know that you're least likely to get struck by lightening standing than laying on the ground? I learned that the hard way."

"Ninety percent of what he says is bullshit." Kyuhyun added with a smirk. "He's fun."

Eeteuk pursed his lips into a thin line to subdue the smile that would betray that he was considering allowing Ryeowook to get his way. There were issues that needed to be discussed, facts that needed to be checked, the least of which was allowing a stranger into their midst simply because he was considered fun. He could understand the attraction of bringing in someone who provided levity; the events of the previous months had cast a cloud over all of them. It was through situations like this that he was reminded that Ryeowook and the members in the gang beneath him were all so young, that they were all young compared to the opposition they faced each day.

"We'll need him." Ryeowook's voice cut through the silence that had settled over the room. "Hankyung will be busy soon. Sungmin can't be left alone. Zhoumi can get to places they can't, everyone knows Henry and Hankyung are with us, no one knows Zhoumi."

"We don't know him." Kangin pointed out, for once seeming to side with Eeteuk on this. "How do you know he can be trusted?"

"He's got an implant. I can get into his head." Kyuhyun said with a confident grin. "Like I said, ninety percent of what he says is bullshit. The other ten percent is solid. He's here to protect his brother. As long as his brother is working with us, so will he."

"His brother?"

"Part of the family business." Zhoumi grinned, "I've heard you call him Henry."

Title: KR(a)ZY
Summary: Ryeowook and Kyuhyun crash in on one of Zhoumi's missions, and decides to invite one more to the party.
Characters: Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Zhoumi, Yesung

Swinging low through the gap between window and wall, he arched his back, feet landing firmly and soundlessly on the ground, hands going for the guns in the next breath. It wasn't necessary but old habits lived longer than ravens. This was a game he couldn't lose. He lingered in silence for a moment, waiting for his target to climb the steps.

Sure that's where he is?

An audible creak in the wood was answer enough.

He smirked.

Too slow and really, he didn't have all night to waste on one poor, misguided bastard who figured swindling the triad was the way to make a profit. Better things beckoned on the horizon. And behind him.

Think I need the backup? he thought with a grin. I'm touched.

We were in the neighborhood, thought we'd say hi. Kyuhyun's thoughts were even full of themselves.

Ryeowook grinned over at the both of them before he began to pick at the inside of his jacket. Even in the dim light, the frayed threads had copper tips and their fidgeting leader was more than adept at twisting them and attaching them to miniature silver disks. There's an APB out for some annoyance, and by annoyance they probably mean you.

Sounds fun. he smirked.

We know.

Teamwork was a strange and wonderfully new concept, one he'd gotten used to quicker than was probably healthy. Still, he never said no to novelty in the workplace. Smirking, he shot a look to the closed door, then went and did the same with his gun. The thump of a heavy body falling might as well have been music to his ears.

It was deliciously predictable. All but the sound of shouts and footsteps from the floor below.

He sighed. He's not alone, is he? Laughter echoed in his mind. Why do you always lie to me? I feel used.

Have to find someway to surprise you. Ryeowook's thoughts broke in his mind. Playfulness was rubbing off on him. The shorter of the three plucked his silver discs from his jacket and flicked them over his shoulder at the stairwell. He pulled a black box from the back of jeans and placed it in Zhoumi's hand. Your parting gift. Kyuhyun, be a dear and alert the fuzz?

Yes, Kyuhyun, he thought wit mock bitterness, be a dear. As much as he would've enjoyed their telepathic word games for a while longer, survival took precedence over teasing.

Arming himself with patience, he flipped the switch. Half the fun in working with a team was the element of surprise. What had they cooked for him this time, he wondered with childish enthusiasm, beyond an unknown number of targets? Weapons, layout, all that could be wrong.

A saner man would've minded this particular nerve-wracking trial period.

Turning his head towards the stairs as the other two turned their backs, he activated the remote. As he pressed the button, he felt a distortion in the back of his mind. His optical filters engaged by someone else's command. As his vision darkened, simultaneously a loud clap rumbled below and an unnatural light shot up from the stairs. Pained screams and sounds of unguided gunfire echoed from the floor.

Ryeowook's doing. And the only reason he wasn't adding his voice to the cacophony of sound was Kyuhyun. What a scary pair you two make...

Blinking twice to make sure he hadn't lost his vision or any other important parts, he tightened his fingers around the guns, sliding over what remained of the banister to the ground. Time to get to work.

His landing was kindly cushioned by one of the screaming men, and though he barely offered any relief from the pain, at least he figured he'd shocked him into silence - for about a second. A bullet between the eyes did the rest and once that was dealt with, he trained his attention on the others.

The first round caught two of the closest targets before they could turn their guns on him, another shot aimed over his shoulder to a fourth man. No doubt he thought he'd been lucky to escape the bomb.

At the sound of footsteps in the distance, Zhoumi trained his gun at the form.

"Stop!" the sound of Ryeowook's voice made him hesitate, far too accustomed to hearing with his mind than his ears. It came to his attention quickly that the command wasn't for him.

"Why not?" the man shouted as he came into view, his gun mirroring his own, slightly lowered but ready to fire anyway. From his stance and the pressed suit, he could tell the man was the cop before he spotted the badge on his belt. "Fucker was about to shoot me blind."

"That would be me." Kyuhyun claimed from the top of the stairs, stepping over weakened support beams ahead of Ryeowook.

The new addition to their group muttered as he surveyed the room. "I did not see this...you did not call me for a cover up...I was having lunch at Brio...what the hell and who the hell, don't even bother with why."

Predictably cold hands grasped one of his wrists and drug him up to the cop still muttering complaints despite having already lost his audience's attention. Ryeowook's lips expressed a smile that couldn't have been more out of place, considering the situation. Just like the overly friendly touch to his arm that lingered long before it was necessary.

"This is Zhoumi," Ryeowook explained, voice painfully innocent and devoid of all artifice. Not that the younger man couldn't put on a good show, when he wanted to. Sources had it on good authority that he had quite a range. Flashing a smile to the cop, he plucked one of the guns from his hand - and even then only because the assassin allowed him to and intertwined their fingers together. "I wanted to introduce him to you. What do you think?"

Quietly indignant was as close he'd get to an explanation for how he felt, as well as the look clearly etched on the cop's face. Zhoumi looked over his shoulder, his eyes meeting Kyuhyun's in surprise. He's showing me off?

"Boys and their toys," the other man chuckled in response, his voice decidedly different when heard out loud. "Zhoumi, meet our link to the Judoh police department. He's name is Yesung and he really won't shoot. If you die here, it's his business to clean it up."

Zhoumi smirked. "The fantasies I used to have about cops when I was young... I was a troubled child." Shifting his gun to his holster even though it seemed like a brave move in front of an armed man, he extended his free hand. Yesung seemed like the type who enjoyed protocol. "They've told me about you, I was imagining someone-"

Just shake his hand and don't finish that sentence. Kyuhyun and Ryeowook warned in unison as Yesung grasped his hand and briskly shook it once before letting go.

"Older." Zhoumi corrected himself at the last moment, saving himself from a potentially fatal faux pas. "There are rumors you're on the fast track to commissioner." For a little guy he's got a strong grip. Kinda like you. By the way, are you going to let go of my hand anytime soon?

You know you like it. Kyuhyun's voice teased as he heard Yesung mutter something about his competition dropping dead or missing.

"Hey, don't thank or blame me. Ryeowook's the one pulling the strings." Zhoumi said with a self-deprecating laugh. Yesung was still staring at him like he stole something, his gun still, unfortunately, trained on him.

His gaze softened only when he met Ryeowook's bright eyes, and even then, almost against his will. "Did they at least deserve it?" he sighed, glancing pointedly at the carnage around them. It dawned on Zhoumi that this wasn't a rarity, that his partners had done it before.

Which one's Bonnie, is what I want to know, he thought, a little annoyed at finding himself ignored in favor of the cop.

Kyuhyun shrugged. Ryeowook plays favorites, deal with it.

Tuning them both out, the other man flashed Yesung a cheerful grin. "They always deserve it," he replied softly, head tilted to the side. "One way or another... Pull up their records if you don't believe me."

The challenge drew another sigh from the cop, cold eyes softening their gaze. And all for Ryeowook. "I believe you. Just wish you'd give me the evidence before you charge in, guns drawn."

"Oh, I did. Everything's in the system already." Swinging their hands together, he pulled Zhoumi along, attention shifting like the tide and just as difficult to quantify. "This is all perfectly legit. Promise. We'll get out of your hair before you have to take us into custody, Officer." It was a jab, but it was different from what Zhoumi would've said. Still as playful, but lower on the innuendo. More timid.

Passing Yesung by with little resistance, Zhoumi feigned a shrug. The younger man played at being young, but he wasn't. He played at being harmless, but he couldn't be more dangerous. Hacking into police d-bases, he thought, vaguely appreciative. Someone's got a hardon for boys in blue shirts.

Not really. Ryeowook's thumb circled his palm, nail tracing his lifeline. It's the handcuffs.

Zhoumi arched an eyebrow, aware of Kyuhyun's eyes on him. Innocent? Only insofar as a man carrying explosives and fantasizing about bondage could be.
QMism. believe.anrin on May 12th, 2008 11:58 pm (UTC)
ah, I don't think I could be happier to be reading this!
I missed this verse so much. and now I have soethig to fangirl over for awhile. and Zhoumi is here too! I'm so happy! *bounces around*
As you can see I'm very hyper about this. please excuse my incoherency.
is this an appropiate time to keyboard smah? I think so! akhjlghalkjdkja
tyreling: Tough love between 'kaa-san and 'tou-santyreling on May 13th, 2008 12:07 am (UTC)
Amazing! Excuse me while I fangirl. <333
ryutakayryutakay on May 13th, 2008 01:53 am (UTC)
omg kyunnie and wookie were already awesome together, but now with zhoumi it's perfect! XD loooved it! ~ lol zhoumi totally kills me with his lines xD the thunder thing was da best hahahahaha

Not really. Ryeowook's thumb circled his palm, nail tracing his lifeline. It's the handcuffs. oooh kinky <3 loved it <3

missed apologiaverse...
so glad to see zhoumi in this too <3
so let me fall, if i must fallcynicalxcharm on May 13th, 2008 02:11 am (UTC)
Not really. Ryeowook's thumb circled his palm, nail tracing his lifeline. It's the handcuffs.

Ryeowook is SO SEXIIII in this verse. It kills me.

*is dead*
i see your shineciel_dao on May 13th, 2008 02:25 am (UTC)
this. is an awesome.verse.
yay for zm spouting nonsense
(Deleted comment)
rawthorne on May 13th, 2008 06:57 am (UTC)
This is the sequel. :D All the drabbles tie together. Especially the premonition in the first bit.

Glad you had a nice surprise with the comm and the fics and we promise there will be more.

Thanks for reading!
in the name of the faithlessianinna on May 14th, 2008 09:03 pm (UTC)
I spent the last two days reading this entire 'verse, and I'm glad I've caught up with Apologia 2.

I've been meaning to read this since the first parts for Apologia 1 came out, but I've been too swamped with everything else, so I devoted the first free moment I had to reading the whole thing.

I love this for a million reasons. But let me say that this 'verse is seriously badass, it pwnd my brain.

I love how everything fits (I have a thing for puzzles) and how you've made every character your own, but they remain grounded to the real people they're based upon.

I especially love Kyuhyun here — my fangirl biases aside, I greatly enjoyed his character, both brains and so much heart. And I was absolutely squeeing over the new facet of thrill and fun and danger with the Kyuhyun-Ryeowook-Zhoumi team. xD

I could go on and on, and most like run out of comment space.

*bows to your amazingness(es)*
{{ a y a m e | mabudachi trio }}hoyah on September 8th, 2008 05:57 am (UTC)
xDDD i also adore your ryeowook